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Slip Lid

Slip Lid boxes are in two parts - a bottom and a lid. The classic application is the shoe box, but these extremely versatile boxes are suitable for many applications including A4 and smaller documents, jewelery, confectionary and much more. Combined with our high quality printing, these packaging options are only limited by your imagination.

Small Slip Lid Box

80 x 80 x 34mm (LWH)

Medium Slip Lid Box

155 x 155 x 34mm (LWH)

Large Slip Lid Box

297 x 210 x 30mm (LWH)

Preview in 3D

Once you’re satisfied with your design, see your packaging immediately in our Editor's on-screen 3D preview before it gets brought to life.

Download the template

Download the pdf box template so you or your designer can edit the design within applications like Adobe Illustrator. Simply upload your design into the Editor. 

Need a different template?

If what we have availabe online doesn't fit your requirements, contact us and we can produce almost any packaging you require!